What the pundits say

Em .... this is a bit embarrassing really. Despite sending out dozens of demos to record companies and radio stations - even ones that have raved about previouse bands I've been in - I have not had a single reply (that contained anything other than polite and inconsequential chit chat) from anyone in "the biz".

The closest I could find - and I had to go looking under the band's previous name: The Splinter Group - was:

"Bedroom stadium rock." Jockrock

So, a resounding endorsement there then. ....em ... yeh.

22 July 2002:

We sent out demos to three Scottish local radio stations a few weeks ago and, after I sent a follow up email, a trickle of emails have arrived at my in-box. There's not an awful lot in the way of useable sound bites as yet but they did reply - which is nice.

"That's ruddy cracking, that is!" Del Franklin

Del Franklin in Aberdeen liked it and went so far as to say that he would be playing something from the demo ... when time allows. His show is only one hour a week so that's fair comment. Latest update (30/07/02)...

The Weekenders in Dundee haven't gotten around to listening to it yet - hey: they're busy lads, and Billy Sloan in Glasgow didn't seem to like my inquiry at all. He hasn't heard it yet either.


I'll keep you posted.

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