From a painting Ruaridh did for his Higher Art

Lunacy is the working title for the demo - mainly because we just happened to have a picture of the moon lying around that we could use for the cover.

Right. All this HTML malarkie is a wee bit new to me. If left clicking the links below doesn't work then try *RIGHT* clicking and selecting "Save Target As...". If that fails then mail us and we'll try to sort you out.

Warning: some of the songs have a few rude words in them. There isn't a lot, but, if "bad language" offends you then please don't download the songs.

Some folk like mp3s others prefer RealAudio, if you want more mp3s then mail us.

Here's a verse and chorus of a few songs. The lyrics should be taged to the mp3 files too.


    A wee video? See the "studio" that the band records in. It's in .MPG format - the video equivelant of mp3 - and should play on Windows Media Player. It only lasts about 4 seconds: hey, that's the sory of my life.

Here are some whole songs - except those marked (WIP) thats work in progress.

RealAudio:   Get Real Player free   Some are still the old RealEcoder 5.1
      I've only just got my hands on the new RealAudio Producer. I'm upgrading the streams - I've already done a few - and hope to have them online soon.

I'll make them saveable too.


If you want to hear more or you want to get your hands on better quality copies then send a mail to We'll see what we can do. Hopefuly you'll be able to get a copy form Sleeves in Cow Wynd, Falkirk... soon.

We are toying with the idea of adding a "Work in progress" page where we would put some rough recordings of the songs that we are working on at the moment ... Hey: if you don't tell us what you want then you'll just have to take what you're given!

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