A bit of history

The 'sin brothers started out in late 2000 as:

Ruaridh Braes Guitar/Bass/Drums

Ned Knight Vocals/Bass

Ned and Ruaridh have known each other since their school days and have been jamming together on and off for years.

Pol Burns and Mo MacDonald have also been jamming with us on drums.

Pol was playing with a nameless Glasgow based covers band [OK ... it was some lads jamming in a friend's garage and getting roarin' fu'] - Green Day, Presidents (of the USA), even a wee bit of Black Sabbath. The band had a very flexible attitude to line up: if you turned up .... you were in. A fine wee band it was too - well.... sometimes.

Ruaridh jammed with them too - just for the crack - before being head hunted by Glasgow based band North Pole Radio as a bassist. NPR had some modest success and critical acclaim but.... well... hey: that's Rock 'n' Roll.

Mo played drums with North Pole Radio and Sound Man! before that. He also plays with Glasgow band The Jades when he's not busy tub thumping for the 'sin brothers.

The 'sin brother's "fewer is the new enough" attitude to line-up makes gigging a wee bittie tricky - hence Mo and Pol. We're working on it. Ned plans to concentrate on singing so we are currently looking for someone else to join us... em... a bass player ... or a guitar player ... or some thing ... we are working on it.

Logistics are further hampered by the fact that Ruaridh comes from Bo'ness; Ned and Pol are from Ayrshire and Mo is living in Glasgow - originally he's from Stornoway. Arranging studio time can be a bit of a nightmare. We've tried a bit of e-jamming, mailing each other mp3s and stuff, however, it's a long way for a short-cut and far from ideal. But hey: it would be no fun if it was too easy.

We do our own recording on a home PC in a badly converted bed room. Extremely independent.

If you want to know more, or you want to let us know what you reckon to this 'sin brothers malarkie, then you can e-mail ruaridh@sinbrothers.co.uk even scathing criticism would be better than silence, so feel free.

Em ... did I mention that we are all a bit Scottish?


The 'sin brothers