So, this'll be a page about where the lads in the band come form....

The scenery near Bo'ness   The scenery near Stornoway

Ruaridh is from the picturesque former whaling port of Bo'ness on the banks of the firth of Forth. It is a lovely place to come from ... it's a bit of a sickner to have to go back there ... but it's a lovely place to come from.

Ned is from the west coast holiday resort of Saltcoats, which boasts a sandy(ish) beach and many, many pubs.

Mo doesn't really like to talk about Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis, too much ... I think there was some unpleasantness involving a sheep ... he now lives in Glasgow which, obviously, needs no introduction.

Ok,ok I admit it: the first picture is actualy Grangemouth - which is the town next to Bo'ness. Neat picture though.

  Horse Island, Ardrossan - near Saltcoats Longannet power station: looking north west up the Forth from Bo'ness towards Stirling



Bo'ness Saltcoats Glasgow



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