Em... an other muso ... we're still looking. Hey: if you fancy the gig then drop us a mail. If you've got some guitar or some bass and - in an ideal world - some vocals .... you never know!

You might be fed-up of joining bands that fold because others can't be bothered turning up for practice or in a covers band and looking to try something new.

Maybe you're looking to join your first band or maybe your have breasts that you are prepared to expose in public in a bid for stardom - hey it works for the Dandy Warhols - but you'd need at least some musical talent. ... em ... or fabulous breasts!

September 2002:

We may have a bass player! David Hendry, from Polmont: home of the young offender, is having a wee shot on the bass. And a fine job he's doing too. Robbie Edmonstone could well end up as our guitar "gun for hire" - not that he'll be getting paid - to make up the shortfall when playing live.



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